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Roll With The Punches we sure did.  Amidst that crazy, messy curveball of a year that we know as 2020.

Very quickly did this little podcast project grow it's own legs.  Hitting #8 on the Australian iTunes Charts within the first 2 months and a caliber of guests that saw the audience increasing by the day.

To me, it's more than a podcast.  It's a representation of some of the most phenomenal humans, humans that shine a light on what we are all so capable of.  So many adversities not just overcome, but turned into opportunities and catalysts for making change. 


Proving that change is possible.  |  That there is always a silver lining.  |  That we all have each others backs.

These sponsors featured below are businesses and people who align with RWTP values and purpose. 


These sponsors come with my full and wholehearted recommendation and stamp of approval.  I believe in surrounding yourself with a tribe who reflects who you want to be.  These people are my people.

If you would like to be part of the RWTP tribe, enquire within.

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