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“Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face”. Tiffanee Cook has learned this as a business woman, performance coach and boxer; from the comfort, predictability and safety provided by the corporate world, to the lessons and let-downs in and out of the boxing ring. Coming to the realisation that, in order to have one’s hand raised in triumph, adversity, discomfort and combat must be navigated. In the face of the messiness of life, do we fight or do we flee? Tiffanee speaks openly of her own personal experiences (good and bad) and how those experiences have enabled her to develop self-awareness, resilience, courage, independence and the skill to be able to maximise passion, possibilities and potential. She talks about getting knocked down (literally and metaphorically) and what it is that makes some of us get back up and some, stay down. Working in business, sport, high performance and personal development, Tiffanee explores a range of ideas, tools, skills, resources, philosophies and strategies to empower individuals, teams and organisations to improve everything from productivity, efficiency, culture and communication to physical, mental, emotional and social health.

Passionate About Empowering Others

Fueled by the unexpected. Tiff's exposure to the corporate boxing experience opened her eyes to the connection between our physical, mental and spiritual selves.  It lifted the lid on a world full of opportunities far beyond the one in which she once lived and it paved a path to growth, success, health and above all happiness.  


Now thriving as she not only continues to compete in the sweet science of boxing but also in continues to explore, learn evolve and hold the hands of anyone looking for improved health and happiness. 


Tiff resonates with the ebbs and flows of life and how we can empower ourselves physically and mentally to reach our highest potentials in spite of, and perhaps even thank to,  adversities and challenges.  If you are looking for a partner in crime to guide and support you in your physical health and fitness then reach out and connect.  Whether over a one off session or regular ongoing sessions Tiff is sure to make an impact along your journey.

Boxing Achievements
  • 2014 57kg Novice Victorian Amateur Champion

  • 2015 54kg Novice Victorian Amateur Champion

  • 2019 57kg Featherweight VABL Victorian Champion

Certifications & Qualifications
  • Certificate IV in Personal Training

  • Level 1 ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Level 1 ZUU Fitness Coach

  • Level 1 Certified Life Coach

  • Certified in Conscious Hypnosis

  • Certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming

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