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45 / 60 MINUTES

Let's throw on the gloves and let boxing training take you on a ride.  You don't need to be a fighter by any stretch of the imagination.  Come and learn the intricate and rewarding art of boxing.  What better way to let of steam and reap the never ending list of benefits.





Whether you're an absolute beginner looking to step into boxing from scratch or you're an avid boxer looking to strip it back and refine technique and deepen your understanding of the 'sweet science' that is the sport of boxing.  These workshops are run throughout the year in 4 week blocks.  Enquire now to book a spot in our upcoming workshop.




45 / 60 MINUTES

Whether it be functional body weight training, heavy lifting, HIIT circuits or whatever your jam.  This option is a personally structured workout guaranteed to deliver you the results you want and the satisfaction you deserve. 




45 / 60 MINTUES 

Successful organisations value their employees well-being, understanding that it is an essential component to their company’s success.  Create a culture of health and fitness at your workplace through Corporate Fitness sessions to see productivity and morale soar.



EPIGENETIC health & LIFESTYLE coaching

How does PH360 work?

ph360™ uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypical profile. From here Shae, your app, correlates predictive, preventative personalised health data and gives you practical health recommendations.


If you are serious about achieving your goals and you know you need support, as a PH360 Coach I sure can help you get there! Simply book a free 20 minute consult to find out more.

Studies show that 85% of those who are coached for health achieve their goals or better, compared to 42% of those who go it alone.

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